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Our wide range of services offer everything from maintenance and inspections to the sales of aerial platforms and custom works such as metalworks.


We maintain and repair personal lifters and cranes efficiently and professionally. If required, urgent schedules and deadlines are also manageable.

Examples of our maintenance services:

– cylinder repair
– hydraulic maintenance
– steel construction repair
– electrical repair


We specialize in maintenance and repair services for Fassi cranes.

We have a comprehensive range of Fassi maintenance services that help you keep your equipment in top condition. We carry out maintenance quickly and professionally so that your Fassi crane is ready to use as soon as possible.

We offer regular maintenance that helps prevent possible malfunctions and keep your equipment in optimal condition. We also perform repairs when faults or other problems are detected in the equipment. For repairs, we only use high-quality spare parts and accessories.

Customer satisfaction is important to us, and we strive to provide reliable, fast, and high-quality maintenance and repair services. We have strong technical expertise and extensive experience in servicing and repairing Fassi cranes.

We offer flexible maintenance and repair services tailored to meet our customers’ needs. We service and repair your Fassi crane quickly and efficiently so that you can continue to work with your equipment as soon as possible.

Basic Renovation

In basic renovation, the crane or lifter is disassembled, recoated and the required changes are designed and implemented according to the needs of the client.

Examples of the stages of basic renovation:

– disassembly of the equipment
– inspection and repair of components
– replacement of cylinder gaskets
– sandblasting and recoating of components
– replacement of bearings
– replacement of hydraulic couplers
– replacement of hydraulic tubing
– replacement of cabling
– reassembly

Basic renovations always include a ten-year inspection.

The replacement of the crane platform is also often due with basic renovations. We can help our clients with the choice of a new platform.

Annual inspection

We provide professional and diligent services for the annual, ten-year and preliminary inspections of crane and lifter equipment.

10-year inspection

Critical assembly parts need to be dismantled from the machine to be inspected. This process is done during the periodic inspection every 10 years, or more often if needed. We perform this process during the 10-year inspection.

This process is especially important for machines that have a telescopic arm because the quality of the weld and the inside of the stem are impossible to evaluate without dismantling the telescopic arm.

NDT inspection

NDT inspection enables us to remove various factors, that can lead to the breaking of your machine. NDT inspection increases the life cycle of the product and decreases the chances of the product breaking.

We specialize in magnetic particle inspections out of the various forms of NDT inspections.

Inspections are carried out by certified staff.

Vehicle compartments and platforms

We manufacture platforms and vehicle compartments according to the needs of the customer.

We use stainless steel, aluminium or steel as construction materials. The coating possibilities include heat galvanization or painting. The locking mechanisms of the compartments can be installed either with individual locks or an interlocking system.

Other services

We specialize in the assembly, installation and maintenance of hydraulic equipment.

You can also buy spare parts through us.

We’re also experienced in the field of metalworking and do different types of metalworks according to the needs of our customers.


We’re the only official importer for GSR Aerial Platforms in Finland.

We’re also an accredited reseller for Leguan machinery in Åland and Dynaset machinery in Turku area.